iRemote iTunes and WMP Help



iRemote is a free Android remote for iTunes and Windows Media Player on Windows


Connect WiFi


  • Establish a WiFi connection between the phone and PC prior to opening iRemote
  • Press the "Connect WiFi button" on the phone
  • If the Phone do not find the PC server - If the phone do not find the PC server. Please make sure that your firewall is not blocking the connection on port 53460


Connect Bluetooth


  • First time using iRemote: Add the PC to "Bluetooth devices" in the general settings menu and then disconnect from the PC
  • In iRemote for PC server make sure the Bluetooth status is "Bluetooth server started"
  • Press the "Connect Bluetooth" button on the phone
  • If you fail to connect please try a few more times. If this do not help restart the phone and PC Bluetooth solution as well as iRemote for iTunes on the phone and PC. To close the PC server right click the system tray icon and select exit   













New release 3.1

- iTunes performance improvements

- Fast search in all lists (Android v3.x)

- Holo theme  (Android v3.x)

- Rating of tracks (pro version)

- Minor bug fixes and improvements



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Android iTunes and WMP Remote Control